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My own private safari
Posted by Bacon on May 14th, 2013 filed in Broadside moments

Ever wanted to go on safari? Yeah, me too, except it sounds expensive.

Then one day, as I was admiring my photos in Facebook, I realized I could go on safari and never leave my couch.

It started when I saw this photo:

safari - Nicholle with gorilla

It is a picture of my daughter (taken by our buddy Meg), which is cute and all (if you could see her face), but the caption says, and I quote:

“IMG_1653 — with Jeff Bacon at San Diego Zoo.”

I didn’t care for the choice of words.

But it got me to looking. There are other animal shots in there. Like this one, taken at Walter Reed:

safari - Jeff walrus

It reminded me of this:

safari - walrus2

Or this, taken in Iraq:

safari - Jeff helmet 2

Most guys look sort of cool in a helmet. I look like this:

safari - turtle

Here’s a pool shot with a bunch of cartoonists in Kuwait (warning – may not be suitable for children, or anyone else in the human race, for that matter):

safari - jeff in pool

If you squint, it doesn’t take much effort to see this:

safari - hippo

Some people may say I have a confidence problem. I don’t think so. I think it’s just a Facebook thing. Because when I turn off the laptop, get off the couch and look in the mirror, this is what I see.

safari - tarzan

Who needs Kilimanjaro? Who needs a photo safari in the wilds of Africa?

I have Facebook.

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