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Dancing with Matt Harding
Posted by Bacon on October 18th, 2013 filed in Videos

I have shown this video before, but just the other day my old Skipper sent it to me and it really made my day. The fellow in the video is Matt Harding, and I hope to meet the guy someday, because I love his spirit. Here it is again (published in 2012):

YouTube Preview Image

In reading his website, I discovered that the 2012 version is actually his fourth video. There were three earlier ones.

The first was done on a lark, while traveling in 2003-2004, and posted in 2005.

YouTube Preview Image

The video got some attention, and a chewing gum company hired him to do the same thing on its dime. In 2006, this version was released.

YouTube Preview Image

That brought more attention, and in 2008 he shot another video, sponsored by Stride gum again. Along the way he had discovered that people are more entertaining than landmarks.

YouTube Preview Image

Then, in 2012, he invested his own money to shoot the version you saw first. He had gone full circle, discovering that the real joy is interacting with different people and cultures around the world.

Nice job, Matt!

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