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Hang a star on that one
Posted by Bacon on January 9th, 2014 filed in Hero of the week


Jerry Coleman, legendary baseball player and announcer – and combat Marine Corps pilot – passed away this week. For all of those who watched him and heard his voice, his passing brings sadness and a sense that we have lost an old friend. Here are two tributes to him – one a video and one an article – that tell some of his story.

Video tribute (click here)

Article by Richard Justice (click here)

A more complete biography can be read here.

Those of us who ever heard him announce will remember his two catch phrases:

“Oh, doctor!”


“You can hang a star on that one!”

Well Colonel, you can hang a star on your life, service, and career. Rest well and Semper Fidelis.

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One Response to “Hang a star on that one”

  1. mikeferguson Says:

    Thanks, Jeff. As a Yankees fan (from the west coast) as a youngster and a Padres fan more than once, the video, especially, but also the write-up brings tears. God Bless you, Colonel Coleman, and you, brother Jeff.