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Ice Buckets
Posted by Bacon on August 26th, 2014 filed in Broadside moments

Well, I got challenged by three buddies (one of them was also a brother) to do the challenge, and here it is (the challenge videos follow in case you need proof). My charity of choice is the Wyakin Warrior Foundation.

YouTube Preview Image

Here are the three challenges…first, is from Rick Kirkman of Baby Blues:

YouTube Preview Image

Other challenge videos from:

Idaho State Senator Marv Hagedorn


And brother Steve Bacon

(In case you were wondering, I also donated to ALS.)

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One Response to “Ice Buckets”

  1. eswauger Says:

    Jeff, love the haircut! Nothing us bald guys like more than a cold rainy day than a bucket of ice water! Carry on my brother! Ernie