Here’s The Jack. The AR from Haley Strategic and Bravo Company that can do it all

“The Jack” represents the efforts of Haley Strategic Partners and Bravo Company Manufacturing to bring the ideal, do-all AR15 to market.

Though the rifle bears the HSP name, The Haley Strategic Partners Jack Carbine is not a limited-edition, boutique gun. It will be a fully stocked, indefinitely supported AR configuration offered by BCM.

Every effort went into making The Jack a hard-working gun that will appeal to shooters from all backgrounds. Looking at its specs and furniture, the optic-ready gun will run straight out of box as a patrol, competition, ranch or range carbine. This is no safe queen.

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The heart of the gun is BCM’s mid-length gas system on a 14.5″ barrel. Travis Haley worked for a couple of years with BCM to perfect their mid-length system. He’s fired many tens of thousands of rounds through The Jack as he tested the gun with its current component layout. Perhaps the most important feature of this AR15 is its proven foundation which has been run for several years, and has shown itself to be a reliably functioning production carbine.

The 14.5″ barrel is brought to a legal overall length of 16 inches with the new BCM compensator pinned and welded in place. While the layout with the new 10″ Geiselle rail, Inforce WML-HSP light, HSP/IWC Thorntail offset light mount, BCM Gunfighter charging handle and MOD 1 grip, B5 Systems SOPMOD Bravo stock and the Disruptive Grey Cerakote finish from Joint Force Enterprises are noteworthy the core is the solid weapon in use by plenty of LEO and civilian shooters already.

GearScout has a little over 6,000 rounds through the Bravo Company MFG 14.5″ midlength configuration, and have had ZERO issues of any kind, regardless of ammunition used. We also have our hands on the upcoming BCM compensators (both sizes), and with over 1k on the model which comes on The Jack, we can say we are comfortable with its recoil and flash mitigation. While it is not a dedicated flash suppressor, it does knock the flash down well, especially when used with a duty spec ammunition. Cheaper flame thrower ammo will still light up your day. Compensation is good with a linear feel, and blast is substantially less concussive than some of the other hybrid compensators on the market.

With some components of this gun appearing on the market for the first time, there will be a lot of buzz around The Jack. Lots of people are going to want to hear about the performance of that B5 SOPMOD Bravo stock, BCM’s compensator, and the 10″ M4 version of Geissele’s Super Modular Handguard.

The gun is MSRPed at $2,145. While this is not an inexpensive AR, you’d probably have a tough time building the gun yourself for less. As an optics-ready platform, The Jack will make a great first gun for an AR enthusiast that wants to start out with a worry free performance platform. Experienced shooters with more money than time (rare, I know) will embrace the value of a well spec’d and reliable BCM, off-the-shelf build. Jack Carbines are available to order now on

It’s also worth noting that HSP is offering $200 off the cost of one of their classes with the purchase of an HSP Jack rifle.

With delays and problems common in small run “signature/ designer” weapons, it is nice to see HSP and BCM taking a different approach.

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