Show your assistant gunner you care with MMI’s AG Pack

Tampa- You can’t give your assistant gunner enough love. Period. One way to show your appreciation for the guy with suckest job in the infantry is to give them one of MMI’s new AG Packs.

The pack is designed to support the 240B and 240L machine guns. It’s thrown down next to the gun and feeds it right out of the built in feed trays. When the pack is opened up, there’s a pad with a heat shield designed to hold a hot gun barrel until it cools enough to be handled and placed in the built-in barrel quiver. Other features include:

  • Heat shielded pad to lay hot barrels on during swap
  • Quiver that holds two 240L or one 240B barrel.
  • 6 100 round individual feed trays with integral ramps for smooth belt feeding
  • Cleaning rod sleeve
  • Tripod carry mount
  • Sustainment pocket for 2 MREs
  • 100 oz. hydration reservoir

The pack is built on Granite Gear’s Chief Flatbed, armor compatible frame system and will come in under $700.
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