TrackingPoint going tactical

The precision guided rifle company has made a splash in the hunting market, but they have yet to really show if and how they are planning to bring their game-changing technology to the military/tactical market. Well, here’s a teaser of things to come from TrackingPoint.

The system has the ability to make nearly anyone a 1,000-yard marksman in the right conditions, and presents the possibility of a one-man sniper team.

Before anyone goes off on the “batteries will fail” or “technology like this will never be reliable” rantpath, just look at the vast amount of electronic gear our troops are already deploying with. Night vision, GPS, communications … these are all examples of electronics that were made to work on the battlefield.

TrackingPoint will be no different. The issues this system faces are cost, night vision compatibility and wind detection technology. If any two of those three issues are addressed, I can see TrackingPoint’s tech, or that of it’s competitors, taking it’s place on the battlefield.