X-Mark Pro trigger problem prompts major recall of Remington Model 700 and Model 7 rifles


Remington Arms Company is recalling Model 700 and Model 7 rifles with X-Mark Pro triggers that were manufactured between May 1, 2006 and April 9, 2014. Rifle owners are advised to immediately stop using their rifles and determine whether they are subject to this recall.

Military Times GearScout is waiting on a comment from Remington on this subject. Update:According to Ted Novin, spokesman for Remington Outdoor Co., the X-Mark trigger isn’t used in any Remington Military products. He say’s there aren’t any defense rifles involved in the recall.

With about 5.3 million Model 700′s alone out in the wild since its debut in 1962, we can estimate Big Green sold an average of 100,000 rifles per year. With an 8 year recall window, rough (very rough) math tells us there could be more than 800,000 Model 700 rifles alone subject to this recall. That seems like a lot, but when you factor in the Model 7 and the surge of rifles sales in the last couple of years, that number is likely between 1.2 to 1.3 million rifles.

The trouble, according to Remington’s product notification, is that excess bonding agent used in the assembly of the X-Mark Pro trigger in some rifles can lead to unintentional discharge of the rifles. Remington says the only remedy is to send recalled rifles in for inspection, cleaning and testing. They stress that consumers shouldn’t try to clean the triggers themselves.

Remington says the recall will be performed at no cost to the customer.

The two ways to determine if you have a recalled Model 700 or Model 7 are as follows:


1. Identify the serial number and provide it to Remingtonā€™s recall support team, either by entering it at xmprecall.remington.com or calling 1-800-243-9700 (Prompt #3 then Prompt #1) Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EDT. You will be informed if your rifle is affected by this recall and given the resources needed to return the rifle for inspection and specialized cleaning.


2. Look at the trigger. If the face of the trigger is ribbed (Photo 1 above), your rifle does not have an XMP trigger and is NOT subject to this recall. If the face of the trigger is smooth (Photo 2 above), your rifle has an XMP trigger and IS subject to this recall in which case you should immediately seek further assistance at by calling 1-800-243-9700 (Prompt #3 then Prompt #1) Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EDT or by visiting xmprecall.remington.com.

punchedRemington says as of April 9th, 2014 they’ve begun performing corrective action on rifles that have yet to be shipped. You can tell if you’re looking at a properly built trigger and rifle by the presence of a punch mark (above) on the bolt release. Rifles that are returned to customers will also have the punch mark that confirms the rifle has been inspected and cleaned.

So, going forward from today, you don’t want to mess with any Model 700s or Model 7s that have a smooth-faced trigger bow and no punch mark on the bolt release.

I’ve asked Remington what they suggest to customers that have moved a recalled action/trigger to a different, aftermarket stock or have replaced a recalled X-Mark Pro with an aftermarket trigger. They haven’t commented, yet, but I’m willing to bet they won’t work on triggers that are outside theĀ receiver because of the liability involved should an improperly, customer installed trigger be involved in an accident. Though, I hope they will. If they refuse to swap take-off triggers from recalled guns then there is a good chance that someone will someday put a bad trigger back in a later rifle build inadvertently (or advertently.)

Actions moved to other stocks seem like they wouldn’t be that hard to work with, but if the recall is as big as it could be, then they aren’t going to have the time to figure out how to work on every aftermarket Model 700/Model 7 stock out there. They’ll likely say the barreled action be removed from an aftermarket stock, or the rifle must be returned to its factory configuration before it’s sent in.

We’ll update this article when we hear back from Remington on the subject. In the meantime, Remington is offering recalled rifle owners a 40% discount good for items on ShopRemingtonCountry.com and/or Remington1816.com. The details are visible after consumers complete the recall form.