Heard of Snake Oil gun lube? Yeah, me neither. But you’re about to. In fact, I predict the whole shooting community is going to be bathing in the stuff within a few days. Why? The company just inked a (fake) sponsorship deal with the operator’s operator, Señor Rick Taylor.

Taylor’s endorsement is pretty strong. I’m a little dubious of his claimed one-and-done lubricating regimen, but I’m going to try it on a the Battle Rifle Company AR that I got in trade for three PMAGs and a HD DVD copy of Codetalkers.

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However, somebody should tell Batman he’s out of uniform. Or, get him a MultiCam cape and cowl.

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Download the 1MOA Solutions super limited edition “Tailgunner Scout” ringtone for your iPhone:

Tail Gunner Scout.m4r

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This story from the News Observer is an awesome read. Sure it’s from February –but if hadn’t seen it ’till now, I’ll wager a few of you guys haven’t either. Maybe it’s time for an episode of “Where Are they Now”?

Aside from throwing Kimber under the bus, these guys have probably managed to red flag their whole agency firearms procurement program for fulfilling their high-end gun fetishes.

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FUN!! We nearly lost a GoPro to some steel spall while taping the first webisode of GearScoutTV on the range today! Look for our report on a yet-to-be-released optic on GearScout Monday morning.

We mounted the camera to a steel target and shot away. We checked for damage after the first few rounds and found minimal spray. We adjusted the camera for a better angle and continued shooting without putting any rounds in the camera. Woohoo… we thought. Until we walked up to grab the camera. Although I didn’t shoot the thing, the spall from the rounds hitting the steel shredded the case and peppered our Manfrotto Magic Arm. The GoPro lens protector and case are done, the camera is fine and we got a cool shot.

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I’ve had this patch for a little while and forgot about it until my niece swiped it along with my new HSGI ballcap. Like a good uncle, I have no complaints. She pointed out that most patches are geared toward guys and this one scores big cool points for girls while still looking hard core. I find that I am not an expert in female clothing, but agree that it’s one of the cooler patches. Credit for this patch design goes to the Milspec Monkey, or better known in most circles as simply “The Monkey.” Nice job on the patch Monkey, Mrs. Stick wears the FDE version, while my niece wears the other.

With Mothers Day coming up soon, I think of this as a public service announcement. I know that, much like myself, none of you guys have even thought about it yet so you can all thank me later.


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The boys over at Grey Group host an ongoing series of reader submitted photos on their blog. Topics include “How pimp is my Gun Truck”, “Nothing is as Pimp as a War Dog”, and “How Pimp is my Helmet”. Sometimes the submissions are badass, sometimes they are educational for students of gear, and sometimes they are too awesome for words.

Take, for example, this chariot of pain. The bad guys will never see you coming… and if they did, their faces would be eternally frozen in amusement and confusion. I think this submission is a pimp trifecta; badass, educational and awesome are all covered.

Thanks for sharing, KA!

The Grey Group Training Community: How Pimp Is My Gun Truck #38.

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These guys in their ski masks seem to have discovered a new way to waste ammo while murdering snow angels. Shooting .40 cal into the thick (we hope) ice just so results in a bullet that spins in place for a few minutes while it’s heat creates a shallow cavity, keeping it in place. We’ve never seen this happen, but maybe you have.

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Wired has a great story about a compromised surveillence operation. Seems they were tracking American born Yasir Afifi’s vehicle using an Orion Guardian ST820 tracking device made by Cobham when he discovered the unit after he brought his vehicle in for service.

The kid’s friend posts photos online asking for help identifying the strange object and within days agents arrive to demand its return. It’s a good read.

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So you had your cookout tonight. Bet it wasn’t anything like this.

Already a classic in my book, this music video was shot in high definition at 1,000 frames per second for a gloriously dramatic slo-mo effect.

Dancing Pigeons – Ritalin on Vimeo

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