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Image Cache: Parts from Amazon

Hello Magpul MOE+ $16 via Amazon! That’s $5 cheaper than most places, shipped free. As a PRIME member, it was here in a day.

I hadn’t thought of Amazon for gun parts all that much in the past, but I will be checking their prices before ordering accessories from now on.

Their pricing fluctuates from above MSRP to how-can-I-resist on an hourly basis, so It pays to keep an item or two in the shopping cart and buy when their system notifies you of a price drop.

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Andrew is cross with Kriss

I confess to investing very little in understanding the operating system of the KRISS Vector sub-machine gun. I’ve seen it at many tradeshows, and even put some rounds downrange with it. I’ve always considered the Vector a boutique weapon that will someday wind up as a prop on a sci-fi television series. Aside from performance, the gun is expensive and has little of the storied past of its German competitor. Does it really do anything so much better than other pistol caliber machine guns that it will displace them from market leading positions?

Kriss says, their operating system, “absorbs and redirects [recoil] forces downward and away from the operator thus enabling him to better control and keep the KRISS firearm on-target”

Andrew over at Vuurwapen Blog has taken the time to illustrate how the gun performs at a macro level. Please head over and read his article. While his opinion is based on science and critical observation, and mine comes from something far less technical, I’m glad we came to a similar conclusion; the KRISS Vector is an example of a product with marketing claims that do not appear to translate into performance gains.

Source: Vuuwapen Blog

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Oakley’s Helo insert for M-Frames released

The insert that turns the Oakley M-Frame 2.0 and 3.0 into a goggle has been released. We first saw the HELO at AUSA last year and we’re happy to see it hit the market with a list price of $25. You can head over to Oakley’s US Standard Issue site and log in to your account to see the reduced price for USSI members.

It clicks on at a single point over the bridge of the nose and unsnaps just as easily without having to remove the shades from your face. It doesn’t have much in the way of venting, as the gasket isn’t meant to replace a full-on goggle. But, it’s a small, lightweight way to augment the eye protection afforded by the M-Frame anytime there’s sand or debris whipping around your face.

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Image Cache: Gator blade

Now THIS is a wedding!

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Image Cache: Accuracy Upgrade

Accuracy upgrade.

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Hate Pigs/Love Bacon? Here’s your t-shirt

White Raven communication is commissioning a limited run of 100 Silence of the Hams T-shirts! The Black Palm designed shirts were originally made as a uniform item to be worn at a recent ‘industry event’, but they were so popular that they’ve decided to offer them up for $25 shipped. More details are available on White Raven Communication’s Facebook page.

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Inteliscope: The moped’s moped of AR accessories.

This is the best worst firearm related accessory I have ever seen.

Where to begin?

The recoil impulse from an AR will likely destroy your rigidly mounted iPhone’s accelerometer before you’re through the second magazine.

If it makes it past that, then the rest of the impressive feature list includes:

  • Crosshair that has no relationship to the sights of your rifle.
  • A wide lens that is useless beyond 10 yards, even with the digital zoom (a.k.a. image obscuration technology).
  • Local prevailing wind readout in case you are untrained in the art of wet finger wind detection.
  • Onboard ballistics and firearm data which may give you the edge in an “I shot you first” argument on the airsoft field.
  • Flashlight that is just bright enough to attract the attention of an enemy.
  • ARMS mount. Not really. But, it’s one of the few ways it could be worse.

$70. Shipping in June.

(Thanks for the link, CD!)

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Image Cache: Geissele nails it.

Damn pretty. Geissele Mk4 MOD1 13″.

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Marine Corps orders mandatory modifications to USMC Pack Systems

Marine procurement officials have ordered mandatory modifications to some, but not all, USMC Pack Systems produced by Eagle Industries.

While packs produced by Propper International are unaffected, some by Eagle Industries require mandatory modifications to upper buckles on the shoulder harness assembly. Others also require mandatory modifications to the quick-release mechanisms that allow Marines to quickly doff their bags in an emergency.

Our partners at Marine Corps Times are still working to determine why Product Manager Infantry Combat Equipment at Marine Corps Systems Command ordered the modifications and what problems were occurring in the field.

If you use the USMC Pack System, you must remove the shoulder harness assembly and locate the product label on the back to determine if your pack needs modifications.

Those with a dot or line in the upper left hand corner of the label and those that have reinforced stitching on top buckles don’t require modifications. Those with lot number EM 001 through EM 135 only require new top buckle adapters. Those with lot number EM136 through EM 211 also require both quick release adapters.

The USMC pack was first fielded in early 2012.

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Crye Precision brings you Into the Breach for Memorial Day

Crye Precision presents a tribute to our nation’s warriors and bids you remember the many that are no longer with us this Memorial Day weekend.

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