UPDATE (3/9/2013): SOCOM, Congressman Richard Hannah (R-NY) have confirmed the contract award, and now Remington have all confirmed the award.

Remington issued this statement Friday evening (3/8/2013):

“We’re honored to enter into this contract with the United States Special Operations Command – a contract that will see Precision Sniper Rifles (PSRs) and Precision Ammunition provide accurate target engagement and modular capabilities to our most elite war-fighters.  Our workforce is extremely proud to be adding this new rifle to the Remington Defense family, alongside our other combat-proven sniper rifles.  We will produce these PSRs with the same diligence, attention to detail and quality that snipers and shooters worldwide expect from Remington.”

Multiple industry sources tell us that Special Operations Command will announce shortly the award of the $79.7 million precision sniper rifle (PSR) system contract to Remington Defense and its MSR chassis-based rifle system.

SOCOM originally put out the contract in 2009 and it’s been a hard-fought, yearslong endeavor that came down to two competitors — Remington Defense’s MSR and Sako’s TRG M10 — with FNH USA’s Ballista rumored to be a competitive downselect.

The award is for 5,150 rifle systems, including AAC Titan QD suppressors and 4,696,800 rounds of Barnes ammunition, over 10 years. An optic for the PSR was previously competed and awarded to Schmidt & Bender for a modified version of their 5-25×56 PMII rifle scope.

The PSR will bring multi-caliber, long-range capability in a chassis-based system to the special operations sniper community. Using a quick-change bolt-head system and interchangeable barrels, the system fires 7.62 NATO (.308 Winchester), .300 WinMag and .338 Lapua cartridges.

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The Army’s XM25 Counter Defilade Target Engagement system has been removed from service after a training accident injured a soldier in Afghanistan early last month.

A soldier was injured during a Feb. 2 live-fire training event during which the primer of a 25mm high-explosive air burst round ignited as a result of a double feed, according to Army spokesman Matthew Bourke.

Although the primer and propellant were initiated, safety mechanisms prevented the round’s warhead from detonating. The gun was inoperable after the explosion.

“The gunner training on the weapon system received superficial injuries,” said Bourke. “The gunner was medically evaluated and returned to duty.”

The malfunctioning weapon was part of the latest batch of 12 prototypes sent into theater in January as part of the Army’s ongoing forward operational assessment of the XM25 CDTE system. To date, the system has been fielded for evaluation in small numbers to units in Afghanistan for approximately 18 months.

This is the second XM25 malfunction resulting in primer and propellant initiation prior to the round being fully chambered and locked. The first involved an earlier prototype and resulted in no injuries. This latest XM25 design prototype features design revisions that addressed the cause of the prior malfunction.

“Based on preliminary findings, the most recent malfunction occurred differently than the previous one,” said Bourke, “It’s also important to note that there were nearly 5,900 rounds fired between incidents.”

The Army declined to identify the unit involved or the location of the incident citing operational security concerns.

Alliant Techsystems, Inc (ATK) was awarded a $65.8 million contract in 2011 and another $18.8 million contract in 2012 by the Army’s PEO Soldier for engineering and manufacturing development of the XM25 Counter Defilade Target Engagement System.

ATK is the prime contractor, systems integrator and ammunition provider for the XM25 program. Program partners include Heckler & Koch and L-3 Communications’ Integrated Optical Systems.

ATK’s spokesperson referred all questions to Army Public Affairs.

Prior to the accident, the XM25 was very popular among soldiers who dubbed it “the Punisher.” The head of PEO Soldier at the time, Brig. Gen. Peter Fuller, called it “a revolutionary weapon … a game changer.”


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Wilson Combat just announced their new Billet Upper and Lower Receivers.  While it is currently listed as only an upgrade option for complete uppers and weapons, I would guess that eventually we may see these available down the road, or at least I would hope so. What do these do that other receivers don’t?  To be honest, not much, they are cut for a tight fit and look good.  The existing AR15 market has been seeing a rise in popularity of billet uppers and lowers, with some looking better than others, but each certainly looking different than their forged counterparts.  Wilson Combat makes no magic claims, but points out some tweak which are listed below in the factory specs.  Personally I like the look, and welcome just about anything new to the shooting & AR15 community, and I think these will do very well for Bill Wilson and his crew. 

Info from the WC website:

  • CNC machined from 7075-T6 aerospace aluminum billet stock
  • Picatinny top rail
  • Shell deflector
  • M4-style extended feedramps for excellent reliability with a wide variety of calibers
  • Undersize bolt raceway for smoother chambering, improved feeding and enhanced recoil dynamics
  • Smooth side profile without forward assist for maximum accuracy potential
  • Oversize, EDM-cut magazine well
  • Precision threaded receiver and reamed pin holes
  • Hand prepped for a flawless surface finish
  • Mil-Spec hard anodized prior to final finishing
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With a renewed interest in hot weather combat operations afoot, Blue Force Gear introduces BELTminus, the third product in their MOLLEminus line.

The updated LBE is designed to be worn without body armor in heat-stroke inducing environments. It features a MOLLE channels across the face of each shoulder strap for cable routing and multiple adjustment points that allow the belt to fit short or tall guys. Available in five sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL), BELTminus provides exactly what is needed for hot and humid conditions. The waist has about 10″ of adjustability.

Like all MOLLEminus products, simplicity is the main focus of the BELTminus design, making it one of the most refined and functional war belt on the market. Two mesh-lined shoulder strap versions are offered – the $160 enhanced padded model and the $120 low profile, free breathing model – both are MOLLE compatible.

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Patagonia Inc., the outdoor apparel company, today announces the launch of its Encapsil Down Belay Parka. Available in special edition quantities with numbered labels inside each parka, the Encapsil Down Belay Parka is an extraordinary work of design and engineering. A first of its kind, this parka is 100% independently baffled and differentially cut without a single shortcut or “cheat” where a seam has been sewn through, resulting in a cold spot. Weighing 18 ounces (510 grams) and insulated with Patagonia’s proprietary, plasma-treated, water-repellent Encapsil 1000-fill-power down, the belay parka is unparalleled in warmth for its weight, designed for alpinists to take into the burliest of conditions.

YouTube Preview Image

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Magpul just announced the details of their efforts to supply Colorado residents with standard capacity AR magazines.

Magpul is proud to announce the “Boulder Airlift”, our program to make sure that responsible Colorado citizens have the opportunity to own standard capacity PMAGs prior to the potential implementation of pending legislation that would infringe on their Second Amendment Rights. The program will be open to all responsible CO residents, (with both billing and shipping addresses inside CO) and provide access to a limited quantity of PMAGs. Remember to contact members of the Senate and the Governor prior to ordering and urge them to oppose HB 1224.

Similar to the Berlin Airlift, the Boulder Airlift will bring much needed supplies to freedom-loving residents trapped inside occupied territory. While we plan to initially use FedEx or UPS instead of aerial delivery, we figure that $5 flat rate shipping will make up for any loss of “style points.”

The increases we have made and continue to make in production capacity will allow us to open this program with very minimal impact on the number of PMAGs we are shipping to our dealers and distributors out of the state. We are also aware that Colorado is not the only state with existing or pending magazine capacity restrictions; we are working on programs for other affected states as well.

Full details are available at magpul.com/Colorado

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Up until now, the Army has been sourcing the Army Combat Pant from many different channels. According to a pre-solicitation notice on FedBizOpps.gov, that is changing.

The document explains, “The Army has been purchasing and fielding the ACP as both a commercial off the shelf (COTS) item and a Federal Procurement List item from multiple contracts, and now intends to compete 50% of the Army’s ACP requirement that will meet fielding requirements for the next 5 years.”

The Army plans to equip about 75k Soldiers per year for five years, according to the notice. It’s a little confusing, but the notice seems to state that half of this requirement will be met using the three small business set-aside IDIQ contracts from this pre-solicitation notice with a combined maximum value of $49,000,000.

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Mission Ready Equipment and Grey Group Training are at the nexus of the outdoor and tactical industries. Mission Ready began as an offshoot of the company’s successful Blue Ridge Mountain Sports retail business by leveraging relationships and inventory from its outdoor side to serve the tactical market.

On the other hand, Grey Groups’ pro store grew out of the operation’s commitment to outfit warriors enrolled in its training programs.

Both companies have been aiming for the same target from opposite sides of the range. Rather than shoot each other, they’ve combined their resources under the leadership of Jeff Smith, the owner of Mission Ready and BRMS.

The buyout deal that closed Feb. 14 began on a Georgia shooting range a few years back.

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The IWA & Outdoor Classic Show
is starting late next week. The European version of SHOT Show will take place in Nuremberg, Germany March 8-11, 2013. Based on this image from last year’s show, it looks like there is a little WTF for everyone.

We just got a note from Blue Force Gear asking us to let any dealers or end users who would like to meet with them know that they should make appointments with their international sales rep Doug Duggan. Reach him at international@blueforcegear.com or (877) 430-2583.

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http://www.10-8performance.com might be best known for their 1911 components, but they have some nice sights for your Glock as well. 

The fiber optic Glock front sights ship with two different colors, red and green as shown below.  The fiber rods are slid into the sight, and then trimmed down.  Use of heat flares the ends to retain the fiber optic piece in place and also makes for a quick installation, or removal if you want to change the color.  The front sight is also serrated to aid in reducing glare. If you have trouble seeing your front sight, or want to have the front sight stand out, a fiber optic front sight will make a world of difference for you. You will need the Glock front sight tool if you don’t have one, and 10-8 carries those for $3.95.

The rear sight is also serrated, is offered in .140″ and .156″ notch widths, and installation is straight forward without the use of a Glock sight pusher.  Brace the slide and drift/ tap out the old sight, then slide the new one into place.  Next tighten down the allen head screw with the included wrench.  Pretty easy stuff, and much better than the plastic sights that come on the base model Glock pistols.  As with any

Prices are $48.75 for the rear sight, and $39.95 for the front.  For the front sight, you have to click on options to see the fiber optic model, otherwise it is hidden…


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