Tampa-The mainstay of weapon mounted lights will see some worthy upgrades shortly. Surefire’s Scout Lights are getting new heads.

The 2 cell M600 series will add the M600V, below, adding WHITE-LOCKOUT-IR capability to the light. The change comes with the update of the KM2 “vampire” head, seen below on the M620V behind the M600V, which has been shrunken and dubbed the KM2-A. The M600V puts out 150 Lumens of white light and 120 mw of IR light for $489. The KM2 head will be discontinued.

The pint-sized M300V, above, will get the same multispectrum treatment and put out 120 white Lumens and 100 mw of IR light.

The white-only M600 Scout Light, below, will get the Ultra treatment and will be upgraded inline to 500 Lumens of white light output without a change in price.


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Tampa-You probably haven’t seen anything quite like the S&S Stalker multi-purpose tactical vehicle. It’s a prop-driven, parachute lofted aircraft and an open-air ground assault vehicle in one super-capable package.

The Stalker has been in development for 10 years and has just gotten the FAA flight certification a couple weeks ago. The vehicle needs to hit just 27 mph and cover 250 feet to launch. Once airborne, the truck can’t roll, dive or stall, making it easy to fly and tough to crash. Anyone with some canopy time will be comfortable with the controls, though a 30-day flight training class will get people up to a level of basic proficiency. The military can get folks in the air pretty quickly, but civilians will need to get no-kidding pilots licenses.

On the ground, the truck is still prop powered by the rotary engine. There is not traditional transmission and drive train.
By the numbers:

  • 27 mph take off speed
  • 156 mph max ground speed
  • 61 knots max air speed
  • 250 feet of runway to get off deck
  • 3 weapon attachment point
  • 869 pounds

Look for more info on the Stalker in the coming months as it’s introduced to the military.


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Tampa- Princeton Tec updated the mounts that come with the Switch MPLS. The Picattiny, MOLLE, OpsCcore and MICH mounts are all updated. They are now lighter, lower profile, easier to use, and smoother to operate at the expense of the light’s rotation feature. All lights will ship with the new mounts mid June with no price increase over the $60 price point of the current version.

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S&S Precision built this custom longboard for Smith Optic Elite.

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Tampa- Here’s Steiner’s true 1x power, standard illuminated reticle and impressive 3.5″ of eye relief and 118′-23.6′ field of view at 100 ft. all at 21.2 ounces.

The optic will be available with eithrt a 5.56 or 7.62 Graduated crosshair BDC reticle. $2250 available August 2013.

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Tampa- You can’t give your assistant gunner enough love. Period. One way to show your appreciation for the guy with suckest job in the infantry is to give them one of MMI’s new AG Packs.

The pack is designed to support the 240B and 240L machine guns. It’s thrown down next to the gun and feeds it right out of the built in feed trays. When the pack is opened up, there’s a pad with a heat shield designed to hold a hot gun barrel until it cools enough to be handled and placed in the built-in barrel quiver. Other features include:

  • Heat shielded pad to lay hot barrels on during swap
  • Quiver that holds two 240L or one 240B barrel.
  • 6 100 round individual feed trays with integral ramps for smooth belt feeding
  • Cleaning rod sleeve
  • Tripod carry mount
  • Sustainment pocket for 2 MREs
  • 100 oz. hydration reservoir

The pack is built on Granite Gear’s Chief Flatbed, armor compatible frame system and will come in under $700.
Lots more photos after the jump.

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Blue Force Gear has introduced Urban Wolf to its list of available colorways. Urban Wolf is a specific shade of gray that blends well in many urban environments. In low-light situations, the easiest colors to see are those with the highest contrast: white and so-called “tactical” black. Gray is a mid-tone and therefore has low contrast against average backgrounds — making it a good drab solid in a wide variety of situations and surroundings.

“Urban Wolf is basically the color of wet concrete, near the color values of asphalt, steel, and reflective glass,” said John Felushko, Blue Force Gear’s product line manager.  “It was designed by Arc’teryx specifically as a better alternative to black and blue in the SWAT role but because of its ability to blend with diverse terrains, we like it as a general purpose colorway for many missions, terrains, and tactics.”

With the growing focus on security in densely populated urban, suburban and industrial environments, security forces need a pattern that works with man-made settings and yet is not overtly camouflage.  Urban Wolf load carriage equipment works with blue, black, ranger green and Arc’teryx LEAF Wolf uniforms in the urban direct action role as well as blending with civilian apparel for low-visibility special reconnaissance missions.

The announcement was made at NDIA’s SOFIC conference where the new Blue Force Gear products in Urban Wolf are on display May 14 – 15 in the Franklin Boardroom of the Embassy Suites across the Tampa Convention Center Franklin walkway.  It is also available for sale today at BlueForceGear.com.

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Safariland has released its new 7TS Series holsters. This next-generation injection-molded holster design is constructed of SafariSeven material, a proprietary nylon blend from DuPont that is completely nonabrasive to the weapon’s finish. Virtually impervious to weather, the 7TS holsters are operationally and structurally cold tolerant to at least -50 degrees Fahrenheit and heat tolerant to at least 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

“Safariland has always been the leader in innovation,” said James Dawson, category director Safariland duty gear. “And this new series continues to push the boundaries of holster design and function. After numerous extreme condition tests and intense impact testing, the Safariland Research and Development team was able to draw from the holster smoothly and easily as if it had just been removed from its packaging.”

From the press release:

Adding to its numerous features and functionality, the 7TS line was engineered to ensure strength and rigidity by incorporating certain “corrugated” patterns into the holster’s interior. This design also features built-in “risers” inside the holster specifically to ensure minimal contact of the weapon while in the holster, creating air space around it, allowing dirt and moisture to quickly clear any contact with the firearm.  Since the SafariSeven material is nylon only, and does not contain any other filler material, the holster actually becomes stronger in water, and can be submerged in water indefinitely and still maintain shape and function. And finally, the matte finish decreases reflection and can be cleared of scratches with a simple scouring pad.

Initial models offered consist of three concealment holsters and two tactical thigh rigs. These 7TS holsters incorporate the proven ALS internal retention system, which provides excellent weapon retention and offers an ergonomic, simple straight up draw once the release is deactivated. These models are compatible with all Safariland holster mounting options.

All models are available in the SafariSeven Plain Black finish and are currently offered in two fits for the Beretta 92 and Glock 17/22.  Additional fits and models that include ALS uniformed duty holsters, SLS duty & tactical holsters and ALS/SLS duty & tactical holsters will be available in the near future. MSRPs for the newly released models are as follows:

7377 ALS Open Top Concealment Belt Slide Holster $45.50
7378 ALS Open Top Concealment Paddle Holster $52.00
7379 ALS Open Top Concealment Belt Clip Holster $45.50
7384 ALS Open Top Tactical Holster $139.50
7385 ALS Open Top Tactical Holster w/Quick Release Leg Strap $149.50

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wimg_0346The upcoming revision of the Multitasker Series 3 is all the pocket tool any AR shooter could need. The Series 2X was already the strongest multitool we’ve ever seen, and the improvements made to the Series 3 only make it stronger and more useful.

The updated tool includes a new, smoother action plier head CNC machined from billet D2 tool steel, a wider, 3-inch D2 tool steel knife blade (with a proper liner lock), a new combination 3/8-inch and 1/2-inch wrench to work on LaRue mounts and scope rings, a non-removable pocket clip, 1/4-inch bit driver with 10 bits and a front sight post adjuster, radius-tipped carbon scraper, and a redesigned, stronger castle nut wrench with integral flat head screwdriver. The file and dental pick are gone, but the Otis-compatible threaded post is equipped with a 3/32-inch punch tool that’s ideal for working on Glock pistols.

The Series 3 should be hitting the shelves within a week or two for $189.95 MSRP. F3 Tactical, Brownells.com, RainierArms.com and WeaponOutfitters.com should be among the first to have them in stock.

We’ve only had the tool in hand for a few days, but we can say the tool gives up nothing to the Series 2X, and the updated liner lock on the larger blade is perfectly executed. We don’t miss the sheath and are happy Multitasker Tools doesn’t charge us for the case we never used. The clip is a welcome addition for some, but we always carry the tool in a covered pouch so we wish it was removable. Lastly, Multitasker says it has improved the smoothness of the plier head bearing over the Series 2X, but we can’t really tell the difference. They are both about as smooth as a set of high-end lineman’s pliers. Stay tuned for more…

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There are a couple days left to get in on some one-of-a-kind items up for auction in the Silent Professional Auction. It’s a fundraising event benefitting several Special Operations Forces charities including The Green Beret Foundation, Lead the Way Foundation, The Station Foundation, Team 5, Gold Star Memories, and the Tommy V Foundation, who is donating 100% of their proceeds to the family of recently killed Navy Seal Brett “Shady” Schadle.

Bidding in the online auction, hosted at 24hourfundraiser.com will close on May 15, 2013. The event was created by the folks from Combat Flip Flops, The Macalan Group and Intelligent Waves in the hopes of raising $100k for the SOF charities listed above.

Keep in mind, this isn’t your everyday auction. Most of the dozens of items are rare experiences and collectors items such as an Emerson knife carried by Mark Owen on the UBL raid, an NSW Winkler knife, a day at the Range with Craig “Sawman” Sawyer, a day-long private training session with Kyle Lamb of Viking Tactics, a UAV Swiper, Bullet Art Busts clothing, and an Arc’teryx LEAF Alpine Jacket.

“Recently, I was reminded that ‘abundance’ is a constant circle of giving and receiving. This country and industry are blessed with abundance because of those that have given so much for us. The Silent Professional Auction is our opportunity as an industry to give back – it’s their turn to receive,” said Matthew Griffin, CEO, Combat Flip Flops.

There will also be an additional fundraising event held at SOFIC (Special Operations Forces Industry Conference) in Tampa on on May 15th at the Mad Monkey from 8pm – 12am. $100 dollars at the door gets you access to the top shelf open bar (sponsored by TMG, CFF and IW) and the ability to win raffle items not included in the online auction. The $100 entry fee is a 501c3 tax deductible do-nation with receipt given at the time of entry. This event and the auction are open to the public. For details, please contact Kym Goddu atxo@silentprofessional.org.

The need for supporting our SOF soldiers is greater than ever with the increase in mental and physical injuries sustained over the years and their impacts on these soldiers and their families.

Griffin says, “This auction is a sincere attempt by Combat Flip Flops, The Macalan Group, and Intelligent Waves to recognize the support that people and companies inherently display for SOF families and to provide them an opportunity to donate to worthwhile charities that offer aid.”

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