Team Red White & Blue’s WOD for Warriors Sept. 11 tribute workout

It’s WOD for Warriors time again. Veterans support organization Team Red White & Blue is hosting a CrossFit “workout of the day” to commemorate Sept. 11.

And if you need a little motivation, check out the video above.

In it, Army Maj. Sam Linn, the functional fitness director for Team RWB, performs the workout on Sept. 11, 2011, at CrossFit 215 in Philadelphia. Linn said it took him about 80 minutes to climb 2,730 feet — the combined height of the World Trade Center twin towers.

“It was a great community event, too,” Linn wrote in an email about the 2011 event. “There were three ropes up to the left (you can see some people in the video) where people who came to watch decided to climb too, and were all exchanging 9/11 stories — pretty special.”

Get the workout after the jump.

The Sept. 11 WOD: 

Rope Climb

2730 combined feet

May be done as a team

Get more information on the event Facebook page.