New Navy PRT rules mean more time to take test


A sailor gets measured as part of his body composition assessment aboard the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson. Active-duty sailors used to have 10 days after the BCA to take their physical readiness test. Now, they have more than a month. (MC2 James R. Evans/Navy)

Navy Times staff writer Mark Faram reports on changes to the Navy’s PRT rules in the Sept. 30 issue. He writes:

As the body composition assessment approaches each cycle, some sailors take drastic action to drop pounds and meet the weight limit.

Some sailors may try crash dieting or take laxatives. Others might sweat it out in the sauna or wrap themselves in plastic while they work out. Some have been known to rub Preparation H on their waists to shrink their abdomen. These measures are all unsafe and strongly advised against.

Under new rules, the Navy is looking to put a greater distance between such behavior and when sailors are asked to take the physical readiness test.

Effective immediately, both active-duty sailors and drilling reservists will have up to 45 days after taking the BCA in which to complete the PRT. Under the old rules, active-duty sailors had only 10 days after their BCA to perform the pushups, situps and run. Reservists used to have 31 days.

“The change in the interval between the BCA and the PRT was designed to reduce the risk of health issues during the PRT,” said Bill Moore, who heads the Navy Fitness Office in Millington, Tenn. The change was announced in NAVADMIN 231/13, released Sept. 12.

Read the rest of Mark’s story over on Navy Times.

Your take on the test

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Sara Davidson

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