Second workout supplement pulled from on-base stores

Researchers report they've found an unlisted substance similar to methamphetamine in the workout supplements Craze and Detonate. (Alison Young / USA Today)

Researchers report they’ve found an unlisted substance similar to methamphetamine in the workout supplement Craze. (Alison Young/USA Today)

From Military Times health writer Patricia Kime:

A workout supplement that allegedly contains a derivative of methamphetamine has been pulled from GNC stores on military installations, according to exchange officials.

Craze, a pre-workout booster marketed by Driven Sports Inc., was removed from Marine Corps, Navy and Army and Air Force exchange GNC stores late this week following a report released Monday that said the product contains a substance similar to meth that has not been tested on humans.

The report, published online in the journal Drug Testing and Analysis by researchers from Harvard Medical School, NSF International and the Netherlands’ National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, say Craze contains a compound, N,alpha-diethylphenylethylamine, or N,alpha-DEPEA, that has a molecular structure similar to meth.

Read the rest of Patricia’s story over on Army Times.


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