Video: Pauline Nordin’s tips for better pullups



This week’s Military Muscle demonstration model — Marine Maj. Pamela Unger, right — can do 8 pullups, enough to earn her a perfect score if and when pullups hit the PT test for Marine women. (Look for this workout in the Feb. 17 issue of OFFduty.)

If you need to conquer pullups, or just up your numbers, check out this video from our partnership with Swedish trainer and PT365 expert Pauline Nordin.

In this video, the Fighter Diet creator gives you tips and drills to improve your pullups — no matter what your fitness level.

Click here for more on Pauline Nordin and her fierce fitness credentials, and here for more PT365 fitness videos.

Military Physical Training_200

Fighter Diet offline: Pauline and Fighter Diet have released “Military Physical Training,” a strength training and nutrition e-book created with collaboration from service members.

“The reason I wrote this ebook is to show my support to you who choose this honorable path to serve in the military,” Pauline writes in the introduction. “I want you to make the commitment to be part of an elite band of the fittest, strongest and healthiest to be found in this wonderful country, to be a poster child for the military in terms of physical and mental excellence.”

Look for it on www.fighterdiet.com for $30.

Sara Davidson

Sara Davidson is an ultrarunner and contributor to PT365. She's run 7 marathons and 32 ultramarathons -- including her first 100-miler. This fall she is training for the Marine Corps Marathon using our PT365 Run Plan. Reach her at sdavidson@gannett.com .