DoD seeks healthier food choices for troops

DoD seeks healthier food choices for troops


Military Times writer Karen Jowers writes this week about findings from DoD’s Healthy Base Initiative.

She writes:

Concerns about the comparative scarcity of healthy food choices on military installations have led defense officials to launch a comprehensive study of dining facilities, fast food and vending machine options, according to Defense Department officials.

Those concerns surfaced in early findings of DoD’s Healthy Base Initiative, a demonstration project of 14 sites launched 15 months ago, aimed at enhancing the health of troops, civilians and family members.

A number of factors “have led me to believe that we have a problem with food in DoD,” said Charles Milam, principal director for military family and community policy, at a June 24 congressional caucus and public policy forum held by the American Logistics Association.

Milam has asked a team to look at the food situation on military installations “and provide me a baseline. I want to see how much of a problem we have.”

Based on the early HBI findings, Milam acknowledged that DoD must “fix food. We have to make fitness more accessible, and we have to make changes with tobacco.”

Read the rest of Karen’s story over on Army Times.

Sara Davidson

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