Army unveils new PT uniforms

Army unveils new PT uniforms


Your PT uniform is getting an update. Army Times’ Joe Gould has the details:

The Army has unveiled sweeping changes to its physical fitness uniform.

That includes: swapping the iconic black-on-gray “Army” T-shirt with a gold-on-black version to match Army colors; the use of lighter, moisture-wicking fabrics; and a better fit for men and women.

“It is a new icon,” said Sergeant Major of the Army Raymond Chandler, the service’s top enlisted official.

Between October and the end of the year, the Army will debut the new PT duds, referred to as the Army Physical Fitness Uniform. The nearly 40 changes in the new uniform are intended to mean better performance, aesthetics and comfort. And it will give troops a more modest set of trunks. Soldiers complain the trunks are too revealing during situps.

“It just fits better, it looks better,” Chandler said. “Lots of folks that we talked to said, ‘I would actually wear that downtown or at the mall.’ So I just think it is a really great win for the Army. Because everything we changed were things that soldiers said that they would like to see different.”

Read the rest of Joe’s story over on Army Times.

Sara Davidson

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