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When can dependents get Tricare until age 26?

Q. My daughter is a full-time student, and at age 23 she was dropped from my health coverage. Under the new health care plan, will she qualify for coverage again until 26 years of age?
The new law applies only to commercial health insurance policies and companies.  Tricare, however, is not a health insurance policy or company.  It is a federal health benefits program similar in that respect to Medicare.  Thus, the new law does not apply to it.
An initiative has been introduced to apply that part of the law to the children of active duty and retired members and extend their eligibility to age 26.  At this time, however, such a change is in the hands of Congress, and the old law remains in effect until Congress acts to change it.
If and when Congress approves the initiative, it will be widely publicized.

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