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How will Obamacare affect Tricare for Life?

I am covered by Tricare for Life after 30 years in the Coast Guard. What is going to happen to all of us retired folks under Obamacare? Will we still have Tricare for Life, or will there be changes?

Many aspects of the Affordable Care Act, sometimes known as Obamacare, have already taken effect. Under that new law, Medicare beneficiaries are still guaranteed their existing Medicare-covered benefits and can still choose their own doctors.
The Affordable Care Act has zero impact on the Tricare portion of Tricare for Life, for the simple reason that Tricare is governed under a completely separate law.

The Pentagon last year proposed to implement a modest annual enrollment fee for Tricare for Life beneficiaries of $200 a year, but Congress rejected that proposal and does not seem inclined to revisit that issue.

So the basic answer to your question: No one has a crystal ball into the infinite future, but at this point there is no evidence to indicate that there will be any reductio

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