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Will Tricare cover plastic surgery if it’s determined to be medically necessary?

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I have a question about plastic surgery. I have droopy eyelids that are beginning to impair my vision. Would Tricare cover the procedure to have my eyelids lifted if my primary care physician sought approval, and then a plastic surgeon sought approval?

Tricare covers only medically necessary procedures and services. It does not cover procedures done for purely cosmetic purposes, such as face lifts or tummy tucks. If a doctor certifies that the procedure you are seeking is medically necessary, Tricare may cover it. But you would be wise to get Tricare’s authorization before undergoing the procedure.

Is plastic surgery after weight loss covered?

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I am full time Guard on Title 10 orders. While I was gone, my wife lost 135 pounds. I am very proud of her and this accomplishment. The problem is, because of all this weight she has lost, she a lot of excess skin, and this makes her very self-conscious. She would like to have plastic surgery to remove this if this possible. Does Tricare offer any coverage for this?

I understand your wife’s problem.  The remedy she seeks, unfortunately, is cosmetic surgery performed for psychological reasons, in order to improve her appearance.
By federal regulation, it is not covered by Tricare.
For an official response about this matter, please write to Tricare Management Activity, 16401 E. Centretech Parkway, Aurora, CO 80011-9043.  For Privacy Act purposes, as the adult patient, your wife must sign the inquiry.